Customer references

The ICT Solutions contractor was responsible for implementing the Database of Social Services in Municipality of Shkoder and Mat. The contractor has actively participated in project implementation, being present at periodic meetings with all actors involved in the project as well as collaborating to respond to unforeseen project needs.  ICT Solutions has had excellent performance by offering its technical and professional expertise.  I am happy to confirm that the system has been functional for over a year now and a positive model has been created which can be replicated in other municipalities as well.

Save the Children, September 2017

ICT Solutions has implemented the Integrated One Stop Shop System (IOSSH) in Municipality of Lezha, Shkodra, Mat, Klos and Vau Dejes. The contractor ICT Solutions had an outstanding performance in developing a methodology for identification of  services, workflow identification and workflow reengineering. Implementation of the software system was followed by system parametrization, process configurator  as well as the expand of the system to all administrative units of Municipalities.
The implemened IOSSH system by ICT Solutions proved the ability to adapt to changes very quickly  for adding new services, as well as changes in the workflow and documentation prepared due to change of regulatory frame.

Helvetas Swiss-Intercooperation in Albania, September 2017

Contracted at the beginning of 2017, the ICT Solutions company has offered a high performance during the term of the contract for implementing the”Local Taxes and Tariffs Administration System”, precisely: in the technical implementation of the system; in providing consulting services for the implementation of various processes in the administration of taxes and fees; in staff training, as well on the ongoing support provided to the staff of the local task and tariffs department.
The combination of the above elements  led to a successful implementation of the system, which contributed to the increase in collection of local tax revenues and tariffs, increased also transparency and quality of service.

Municipality of Shkodra, December 2017