Implementation life-cycle

ICT Solutions customize your needs and guarantee to fulfill your requirements  in a timely delivery.
If you are interested to start a project with us, the steps are quite simple;

Identify your needs
You send us a Conceptual Proposal and a Request for Quote.

Analyze your proposal 
Our team analyze your conceptual proposal and prepares functional specifications, design, detailed plans for product delivery, as well as cost estimates.

If you agree with our technical and financial proposal, Smart Processes builds a software prototype to simulate the future application and receive feedback from you.
We create a Functional Requirements Document based on customers analysis needs and requirements.
When all the features are implemented and integrated according to the requirements, the team performs development testing and comes up with a user guide.

Integration and Test
Your staff check the software to ensure that the product serves the intended purpose and conforms to requirements as specified in Functional Requirements Document.
Our developers staff  fix the bugs.

Installation of the system could be physically in your offices or with other ways, for example; remote desktop.
In the end of installation we train your staff how to use the software.

Product delivery:

  • Licence code
  • Documentation
  • User manual
  • Setup program
  • Installation and maintenance instructions

Maintenance and support

The project team takes care of the developed product even after its release, improving it upon the customer’s request and continuously troubleshooting the product.